FormattedResourceExpressionBuilder: An enhanced resourcing solution for ASP.NET

So we’re in the process of migrating our ASP.NET 1.1 application to 2.0. In 1.1 there was no intrinsic solution to handling resources baked into the ASP.NET runtime. With the advent of 2.0, we now how ResourceExpressionBuilder which allows us to very easily integrate resources into our ASP.NET “code-in-front” using a new expression syntax that looks […]

WPF Architecture Interview

Here’s another video about WPF on Channel9, this time with Greg Schechter who is an Architect on the WPF team. No fancy demos here, just really good, low level geek talk (my favorite!) about what sits under the WPF’s hood that makes it possible for designers/developers to provide great experiences to their end users. Lots […]

3D Integration in WPF

Here’s a great MSDN TV episode demoing some of the 3D capabilities in WPF. One of the greatest things about WPF, from the developer’s perspective, is that the programming model is consistent whether you’re working in 2D or 3D. From the designers perspective, the ability to seamlessly integrate 3D content with 3D content is priceless.

Where the heck is Quartz?

Quartz. You remember… that web development environment Microsoft demo’d at PDC ’05? Well, where the heck is it? It was the most immediately useful application out of the entire “Expression” suite of products and while there have been betas for Acrylic and even Sparkle, there has never been one for Quartz. What gives? Curious web […]

IE7 CSS Support

Here’s a Channel9 interview with the IE7 team members responsible for fixing/upgrading IE’s CSS support in this latest version. I don’t care about new IE shell features as much as I do upgrades to the MSHTML rendering engine. IMO they’ve done a kick ass job, but I still have a hard time forgiving them for […]