Collection property serialization with DataContractSerializer takes us a step backwards?

Since I have to define my fault details with DataContractSerializer attributes for now (I hope it’s only for now anyway), I was looking at how to translate a property that was previously serialized by the XmlSerializer using XmlArrayAttribute and XmlArrayItemAttribute. Well, I figured out pretty quick there was no equivalent, found CollectionDataContractAttribute, but thought “noooo, […]

WCF Fault Detail serialization does not support XmlSerializerFormat?

Just found out WCF does not supporting XmlSerializerFormat for custom fault details (see note under Creating Strongly Typed Faults section here). Everything else in my contracts is defined using this approach and now I have to use DataContracts for my fault details? What’s up with that? Seems superbly  lame and inconsistent to me. Gonna have […]

ScobleShow visits Printing for Less

One of Robert’s first show’s is a visit to Printing for Less. First off, kudos to Robert for such a great show. I love the loose format and Robert asks great questions both from the perspective of a geek as well as the average end user.  Next, it’s really cool to see this industry finally get […]

How To: SSL Passthrough with WCF –or– TransportWithMessageCredential over plain HTTP

I asked a question in the forums a week or so ago about how one could go about getting username credentials to be passed through HTTP. The problem is that, out of the box, WCF will not allow you to specify message credentials without using a secure transport. This is probably a really smart move for Microsoft […]

My biggest Vista gripes so far

Startup time still too slow. OSX puts Vista to shame here. Hibernate shutdown and resume time wayyyyy too slow. Both, OSX and XP put Vista to shame here which is interesting considering this was supposed to be a much improved feature of Vista. In my dual monitor configuration, Vista gets confused which is my primary monitor […]

My first week with Vista

So, this is my first week running Vista (RC1) on my primary machine. It’s a laptop that I use exclusively both at work and at home. The specs are:   Alienware M7700 3.8GHz Intel P4 w/HT 2GB RAM 100GB 7200RPM SATA HD (two NTFS partitions) nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra Go (beta WDDM drivers) Realtek High Definition […]

Sept. Atlas ToolKit Released

The toolkit is certainly getting better with every release. The coolest thing added this time around has to be the support for declarative animation. Very WPF like… though no where near as nice because browsers just suck at this stuff. 😛 I’m still waiting on the release of Sept. CTP for Atlas itself… hint hint. […]

Activator::CreateInstance performance for more than 16 types == baaaaad

I stumbled upon this earlier this year, but I didn’t have the time to blog about it then. Since I was just doing some more tuning around the area of code where I applied this technique I figured I’d do a quick write up on it in the hopes that it may benefit someone else out there. […]