Silverlight full screen video annoyance

Whenever you choose to full screen a video in Silverlight it always plays the full screen video on your primary monitor. I would prefer it behave more like the majority of apps where it plays full screen on whatever monitor the host window is currently on. Unfortunately there’s no program on Microsoft Connect for Silverlight […]

.NET Parallel Extensions (PLINQ) now available for download!

Microsoft’s really steppin’ things up! Three major announcements today: first Silverlight 2.0, then ASP.NET Extensions and now the first public release of the Parallel Extensions library. Unlike the former two,which are due out some time next week, you can download the Parallel Extensions right here , right now! While you’re waiting for the download, check […]

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Announced, beta next week

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the ASP.NET MVC framework that’s coming down the pipe. I’m psyched about it, though I think it might be a little overhyped. In all fairness to the ASP.NET page model, it does a lot of things great and I think if you compare the amount of work you’d have […]

Microsoft rethinks Silverlight versioning scheme and plans to add more rich WPF features

Well, in case you hadn’t already read today, Scott Guthrie has announced a few things about some upcoming beta releases. One of the betas talked about is the next version of Silverlight which used to be labeled as version 1.1. Microsoft has rethought this strategy and is instead going to call it 2.0. If you […]