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Losing MVP Status

I’ve been an MVP since the early J++ days (1997’ish?). Then when .NET came along I was transitioned to the generic .NET Group and most recently pigeon holed into the C# Group. Unfortunately with all the “real” work I’ve been doing these past six months or so I just haven’t had as much time to commit to the community. Only recently have I picked back up with weblogging and answering questions over on the DevelopMentor .NET Mailing Lists. There’s just a ton of people competing for MVP status these days, which is great for the community, but bad for me since I’ve had to relenquish my status for now.

It was an awesome run and I want to extend a special “thank you” my MVP lead Rafael Munoz for all his hard work in keeping us all happy and connected. Hopefully I’ll be back next year, perhaps this time as a Longhorn technology MVP (e.g. WinFX, Avalon, etc). 🙂

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