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Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Edit and Continue for C# in VS2005

The cat’s out of the bag and the word is spreading like wildfire: Microsoft has added Edit and Continue to C# for VS2005.

The VS/Framework developers are really knocking me over with their support for the community these days. I mean, I’ve always had good relationships with them and been able to affect minor features via feedback in betas I’ve participated in, but never have I seen something of this magnitude take place.

That said, I don’t honestly believe Edit and Continue would have been worth holding the release of the product up over. People seem to make a really big deal out of it… as if VS.NET should not even bother coming out if it doesn’t add the feature. While it’s a nice feature to have for a limited range of simple inline fixes, I could easily live without it.

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  1. Should we really be rejoicing? It seems to me that all this will do is bring “the spirit of Visual Basic” to C#. In my experience, what that spirit represents is the triumph of hacking over thinking.

  2. Hey, I agree. E&C to me is good only for simple fixes. Like when you’re banging out some logic, then you compile and step through and come across a line like:

    foo &= SomeEnum.Bar

    but what you really meant was:

    foo |= SomeEnum.Bar

    If you’re sitting there recoding an entire function body while in E&C that kinda raises a flag in my book.

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