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Mimeo Ranked #186 of Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies

I don’t blog about my company very often, but I’m pretty pshyced about this. We made Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies List and we’re up there at #186! We’ve had some really amazing growth this year that seems to be snowballing more and more. I’m proud to see this company go from the nothing it was when we started in ’98 to becoming a service that people can depend upon for their every day work.

As Chief Architect, the best part is right around the corner for me though. We’ve been doing some serious crunch work for the past three months on the next version of the site which is adding a ton of new features and setting us up to be able to add even more features very quickly from now on. This version is also our first move into a 100% .NET code base. “What? You’re own software hasn’t been running on .NET all this time?” I hear people scream. Yes, it’s very hard as a young company with only three dedicated developers to both add features to an existing product as well as develop a new product. We actually doubled the size of our team for the first time ever when we started this new product and now have a whopping six developers! Anyway, we’ve done some really cool stuff with .NET and ASP.NET and it’s just gonna make our life so much easier when it comes to bugfixes or adding new features. It should also make adding new developers to the team much easier since they won’t have such a learning curve coming into the custom architectures we had to invent back in the day when we started with nothing but ASP and VBScript.

Learning to manage a larger team certainly is the most challenging thing that I’ve had to deal with during this project. I’m extremely anal about my coding practices and architectual decisions. I expect an almost ubiquitous code base that follows my knowledge of various best practices. I’ve worked the original developers with for upwards of 10 years now and I trust them and they trust me and we’ve harmonized on just about everything. Bringing in new people has definitely been… an experience. 🙂 Building trust is the hardest part, but I’m sure with time that will work itself out.

Anyway, congratulations Mimeo! *pats back* 😉

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