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HalfLife2 Installation Failure (because of an .ico file)

Man, am I a happy customer right about now lemme tell ya!

I’m trying to install Half-Life 2 and am on the fourth installation CD (of five, since for some reason they only sell the DVD as a special edition for $20 dollars more) and it’s trying to copy the HL2 icon for the game. The error message indicates that it’s looking in a CAB file for it. The only problem, as this picture shows, is that the icon (1) isn’t in the damn CAB file (2 & 3), it’s just right there in the install directory.

Once I click the OK button (great option btw, no ignore or retry??) I get a fatal installation error and can’t play the game. It copied 3.5gigs of all the necessary game data to my machine, but I can’t play the game because of an icon. You’ve got to be freakin’ kiddin’ me.

They’ve been working on this game for years. How the hell does something like this get to the shelves?

Update: Hahahahah, amazing! So here’s the deal. HL2 comes with the multiplayer game Counter Strike. I don’t play this game, so I choose not to install it by deselecting it during installation options. This particular install scenario is the one that fails. If I leave Counter Strike selected for installation, it succeeds. Are you kidding me? Fire the installer and it’s QA team now.

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  1. Someone needs sorting out for this, I have exactly the same problem. If it wasn’t for your page I doubt I would have found out about this and returned the disc

  2. I actually looked high and low on the net for the fix for that missing ico1 file, only when i brought the game back to EB Games furious mad, they mentioned “make sure to install CounterStrike source”

    voila, it worked……

    ah well, i am happy now, the game is so incredible….. just took installing an extra gig of garbage (before mentioned CS Source) to get it to work

  3. Yeah and then the amazing thing is you can go to add/remove program files, click “Change” for Half-Life 2 and then remove Counter Strike. Now, you’d think this would nuke the files from your file system, but guess what… it doesn’t. You need to go delete the counterstrike*.* files yourself.

    I’m happy with the game, it’s amazing, but little stuff like this just tarnishes it.

  4. Thanks! Now I know what happen to the installation. This is totally lame though. I can’t believe this ship this without doing such checks.

  5. Also, if anyone else is having this problem, they can try checking for bad RAM, that’s what happened to me. It causes a crapload of CRC errors especially in CAB files.

  6. I have installed HL2 on Win98SE with all the necessary system requirements
    After running the HL2.exe file ” Stdio.dll file missing error occurs”
    I want to play the game.
    How do i cope up with this problem.
    Pls provide the guidelines.

    Waiting for your prompt reply.

  7. Yeah my game came with a little sheet that says these errors will accur it cs is not installed. but i had the problem of purchasing a used game. therfore i cannot register the cd key with steam again, with a process of reactivating the cd key this sucks…………..