in Uncategorized Update has just announced we’ve closed on another $9mil in funding. We’re also one of two hundred companies nominated for the Red Herring 100. Exciting times for the company as we’re really hitting our stride and beginning to find that we’ve done a good job establishing ourselves as a dependable name in the industry.

On the development front we went to beta a couple weeks ago with our newest application bits which we’ve spent the past eight months or so developing from the ground up based on what we learned about our business needs in the past four years. The new code-base is one hundred percent .NET with the exception of a few third party components which we’ve either P/Invoke’d, added COM wrappers for or simply execute as stand alone executables (ugly, i know, but that’s image ripping software for ya).

After we deliver this major upgrade, we’re going to be able to focus on small deliverables that simply extend our offering with tremendous value add for our customers. I look forward to that because long projects like this often leave you longing for a sense of completion. We will return to agile development methodologies and a personal goal of mine is to make sure that the longest projects for the next few years last no more than two months average for even the most signifigant upgrades.

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