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C# 3.0 – Now an OO, Functional and Prototypical langauge? :)

Ok, so I just finished the C# 3.0 session given by Anders. Basically C# 3.0 is receiving functional style programming through the addition of lambda expressions. Even scarier is that the lamba expressions can be compiled into actual IL or into an expression tree which custom methods can turn into something like a SQL statement under the covers. Really hard to visualize just from me writing about it, but believe me it’s HUGE.

At the same time it is also receiving the ability to do psuedo-prototype based declarations through the use of a technology called extensions which allow you to add methods to any type that already exist. This is done with what is basically a clever compiler hack. The really interesting thing is that none of the C# 3.0 features require any changes to the CLR. As such, it runs flawlessly on the Whidbey CLR.


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