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Mimeo Needs a Release Manager!

We’re looking for someone experienced for this role… interested? If so, contact me with a link to your resume or I’ll email you back to get your resume if it’s not available online for whatever reason. Oh almost forgot, this person would be working out of our NYC office. Good luck!

Update (3/15/06): This position has been filled!

Software Build/Release Engineer is looking for a highly motivated individual who is excited by new, cutting edge technologies and who wants to participate in Mimeo’s transformation of the on-line the print industry.  The ideal candidate will embrace Microsoft’s .Net platform and will be well acquainted with the Agile Development process and associated build and release tools.  The Agile development process encompasses the latest thinking from some of the best minds in the software industry and will be used by Mimeo as we continue to push the technological frontiers opened by since our inaugural launch in February, 2000.  The ideal candidate will be proficient in the application of scripting technologies to implement automated builds, automated testing, automated releases and installers for our various products.  The ideal candidate will be familiar with Source Control techniques and specifically, building and maintaining source control configurations on a daily basis using Microsoft Visual Source Safe and Team Foundation. The ideal candidate will enjoy working with teams and will take ownership of the build and release processes.  The ideal candidate will have good communication skills and adeptly handle all of the inter-team communications during build and release activities as well as during the initial project initiation phases.

The release manager’s main goal is to manage the rollout of the product. The release manager coordinates the release with operations or media control. They create a release plan and certify release candidates for shipment or deployment. Additional responsibilities include the following:

  1. Write and maintain Automated Test scripts
  2. Write and maintain Nant + MS Build scripts
  3. Write and maintain MSI Installer scripts
  4. Scheduling/Coordinating project builds
  5. Scheduling/Coordinating releases
  6. Monitor Health of builds and releases and communicate with development and QA
  7. Perform acceptance tests
  8. Provide release notes for each build
  9. Administor our source control repository (currently Visual SourceSafe, migrating to Team Foundation)
  10. Implement Web Tests using Visual Studio Team Test

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