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ADO.NET 3.0 Feature Preview

Wow, check this MSDN article out. The future sure looks bright for ADO.NET. Coupled with the recent innovations in client databinding technologies (ASP.NET 2.0, WinForms 2.0), forthcoming LINQ innovations and forthcoming client databinding innovations in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).  Microsoft sure seems set to take data access, manipulation and presentation to the next level.

The only question I have is, what is the WinFS team doing while all these other technologies are emerging around it? I hope they align themselves properly, because it would be a shame for WinFS to come out and not provide a programming model consistent with these new advances.

Update 5/13:

Looks like they pulled the ADO.NET article off MSDN for some reason. I’m not the only person wondering where it went though.

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  1. Drew,

    Appears the information on 3.0 was released to early, although most of the information is in the Linq preview that was released. Even the channel video is pulled.

    On the WinFS Side. Here is my early understanding.

    WinFS is the client side of a direct entity store. 3.0 is the api for the WinFS store. using eSQL. gets rid of Opath by final version. since it is a direct entity store data maps are not needed to work with the platform. if that makes sense. WinFS will also be the store that the Shell uses

    I do predict that the next version of SQL will have this store capability also. with a Local store available for those that don’t need the items to be available across the shell.

    I also predict the next sql everywhere edition (not the first one coming out this year) will follow this lead and support esql in the database.

    Although the sql side hasn’t been confirmed. it makes sense as that would provide the Service side of what WinFS supplies at the client level. I can see, and it was rumored with Kodiak (exchange server) that the store would move from Jet to server in the next version of exchange server with full entity support, also lh server r2 active directory moveing to such a store.

    Server side of what is being developed is still very much in the air and can understand some of the items being pulled at this time.

    Looking forward to the winhec release of WinFS though and hopfully soon sql server releases;)


  2. Doug,

    Thanks for sharing! I hope your WinFS understandings are on the mark, because that’s basically how I’d love to see it all play out. Certainly makes sense that OPath and all the other “proprietary” WinFS techologies would go away with the advent of LINQ and ADO.NET 3.0. Then again, I’m sure a lot of the work the WinFS team did drove the design of a lot of those features in the first place.


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