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Upgrading to SubText

Please bear with me while I upgrade from .Text 0.95 to SubText 1.0. Everything should just be working, but it’s not quite as pretty as it was right now because I haven’t finished working on the skin. Then again, most people are probably reading all my content from an RSS reader anyway.

My main motivation for upgrading is that .Text codebase is basically dead. SubText picked up from that codebase and made some improvements and is alive in terms of a community. One of the main features I’m taking advantage of is the comment spam blocking features that have been added (i.e. not allowing certain words, no comments on posts older than N days, etc.). Hopefully they’ll be some sort of captcha implementation soon too, because I’m getting sick of pruning the spam out of my feedback. Another freebie that comes with the conversion is that I now have an Atom feed. If you prefer Atom to RSS for some reason, have at it!

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