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Office 2007 to be stripped of its PDF generation capabilities?

Looks like Microsot is expecting Adobe to seek legal action against it based on a “break down in talks” about Office 2007’s built in PDF generation. From the way the article makes it sound, Microsoft has basically already decided to pull the feature. PDF is an open standard, so I dunnuh how much of this is reality yet. This post that I read a couple of weeks ago made it sound like Adobe wasn’t too concerned about it.

The story is  being discussed over on /. too. Naturally you have to peel through the layers of anti-MS bs there, but there are still some valid points being made. What specifically burns my ass about this whole thing though is the following alleged BS play by Adobe:

“Adobe wants Microsoft to remove the feature and offer Adobe’s technology separately for a fee. Microsoft has agreed to remove the feature, but is unwilling to charge for it, the Journal reported.”

Now, maybe MS is making a pre-emptive FUD strike, but I don’t think they would blatently make something like that up. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how the story develops…

Update 6/2 5:15PM:
Scoble has some more details on this story.

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