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Zune now offers TV shows

Alright, finally! A step in the video direction for Zune. Starting today Zune now offers a plethora of TV shows for download from the Zune Marketplace. Microsoft really should have been out of the gate way before Apple’s ITunes with this stuff because they already had all the content for the 360. These are pretty much the same shows you can get on XBox 360, though not all of them (yet?).

My biggest question at this point is: If I bought an episode on 360, do I get it for my Zune? Vice versa? If not, why not (other than greed)? It’s the same content in a different format.

Oh yeah, there’s also a new software and firmware upgrade that comes with this, so make sure to go into settings and click the update software button. In addition to the video stuff, the software update adds some new community features that are pretty nifty.

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