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When’s the next drop then…?

Hopefully things have cooled enough since the cut-back announcement to ask this question without everyone getting all upset or starting yet another thread of FUD, so here goes:

It’s been quite some time since the general development community has seen a refreshed drop of Longhorn… I believe WinHec was the last? Obviously things are a little different now given that WinFX and Avalon (not so much Indigo) have to be implemented on an “older” kernel. First off, it would be nice to know when we can expect to see an official list of what sub-features did or didn’t make the cut. Second, when we can expect to see the first drop of those bits? 🙂

I would imagine the first drop needs to be sometime within this year if they really hope to hit a Q1/Q2-2006 release. I realize things are pretty crazy and some of this stuff probably still hasn’t been completely figured out. So, to be clear, I’m not asking for an actually list or bits to be posted tomorrow or anything, just an ETA. If anyone out there from MS could just give us eager devs heads up, that would rock… and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate it. 😉

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