A post on Silverlight 2’s layout and rendering

I just wanted to link to this great post on Silverlight 2’s layout and rendering features. Both features borrow heavily from WPF, but there are also important differences. For one, unlike WPF, there is only one tree… no Logical vs. Visual. Also very cool mention of Silverlight 2’s rendering internals being many-core friendly so it […]

The implementation I’d like to see in WPF for writing GPU shaders

The recent mention of an improved effects API in the next enhancement release of WPF has gotten me thinking about this again.  I’ve written before about how other platforms are stepping up their game when it comes to leveraging the GPU in their graphics stacks and how WPF really needs an answer of its own […]

Microsoft rethinks Silverlight versioning scheme and plans to add more rich WPF features

Well, in case you hadn’t already read today, Scott Guthrie has announced a few things about some upcoming beta releases. One of the betas talked about is the next version of Silverlight which used to be labeled as version 1.1. Microsoft has rethought this strategy and is instead going to call it 2.0. If you […]

Adobe introduces GPU based filter technology, will the WPF team respond?

MacOSX has had their Core Image API for a long time which abstracts you from the GPU. Now Adobe has stepped up to the plate by introducing a preview of a new toolkit who’s main technology is a new programming language, codenamed “Hydra”, that enables the creation of filters and effects that can be compiled […]