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“VisualBrush” Still Missing?

It would seem that the latest drop of Avalon is still missing the concept of a “VisualBrush”. A VisualBrush would be used to paint other surfaces with any other visual definition. An example would be painting a <Canvas>’s contents onto a 3D surface. Not only that but I should still be able to interact with that set of visuals while it’s on the surface. For example, if I had a <Button> on a <Canvas> mapped to the surface of a <Sphere> I should still be able to click that <Button>. Animations should also continue to run while mapped onto the surface.

Am I just missing it? Does it have another name? This feature existed back in Chrome. You could map a web page to any 3D surface and still interact with it. I’m no DirectX developer, but I remember playing with it back in the day and remember something like support for drawing an DirectAnimation/DirectDraw “scene”(?) onto a 3D objects surface.

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