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Avalon Service Architecture Going Away?

I just noticed I can’t find any documentation on ServiceManager, IScopedService, etc. in the WinFX SDK. It looks like all the Annotation Framework classes are all marked as obsolete as well. I thought the Annotation Services were an awesome idea. John Developer can just add this feature to his application with very little work on his end. Not only that, but it’s basically the poster child for the power of providing generic services to Avalon apps.

Is the whole architecture getting dropped? 🙁

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  1. Avalon Annotations are not cut from Avalon v1, but we have scaled it back for that version. Our goal is to focus our v1 annotations efforts on applications that provide a great reading experience. We’ll do that by providing support for annotations of Fixed or Flow documents that are viewed with the PageViewer. If a developer uses a Fixed or Flow document, they can easily enable annotations in their application. With future versions, we plan to expose and extend the annotation service to other scenarios.

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