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Indigo CTP anytime soon?

I seem to remember thinking Indigo was one of the most complete pillars of Longhorn when I walked out of the PDC 2003, where as Avalon had a lot more work to go. Since then I think I believe I recall reading that they were taking some Indigo pieces back to the drawing board, but… it’s been a while. Now that we’ve had an Avalon drop, is there an Indigo drop on the way anytime soon? I love playing with Avalon, but it’s a hobby. More important to my every day work is how I will be writing services with Indigo, so I’d love to get my paws on that as soon as possible.

So, can we expect an Indigo drop anytime soon? 🙂

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  1. I wouldn’t say we went back to the drawing board – I’d say that Indigo has gone through a lot of polishing over the past year. The API has changed a fair amount, mostly reasons of usability and extensibility, but the core vision and functionality of the product is substantially the same.

    Its not my place to be giving out schedule information, but I can tell you that folks on the Indigo team are *real* eager to get our bits out and start getting more real customer feedback on our latest designs.

    By the way, did you know we are hosting a whole day of Indigo at VSLive?

  2. Thanks for commenting Bruce. Perhaps “back to the drawing board” was a bit too broad of a statement. 😉 I meant in terms of reworking the API, as you said, not in term of changing the fundamentals.

    I bet after working on it for so long the team’s eagerness to get the bits out there even outweighs the eagerness of the community to get our hands on it. We’ll keep our eyes peeled. 🙂

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