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Three Approaches To Coding Avalon Applications

Rob Relyea just posted up a little piece that details the three different approaches developers can take to code their Avalon applications. I’m not sure if he was working on it prior to this, but there was a question in the Avalon NG earlier today about how a Delphi person can code Avalon applications and this answers that perfectly.

Basically, because Avalon is “just” another CLR API, you can always code against it with any language that runs on the CLR (2.0). However, when it comes to XAML you have a couple different options depending on your language’s support for the CodeDom and MSBuild.

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  1. Yes, I wrote the piece to help reply to the newsgroup question.

    I’ve found that doing a fairly thorough write up of an issue takes some time, but saves time in the long run…I’ll link many people to that piece.