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Chris Anderson Avalon Interview

An interview with Chris Anderson just went up over on Channel 9 where he talks about the “nuts and bolts” of Avalon. If you’re the type of person that likes to know how the pixels end up on the screen then this is the video to watch. Topics discussed:

  • How Avalon sits on DirectX and User32
  • The Avalon stack: milcore.dll -> presentationcore.dll -> presentationframework.dll
  • The UI and composition models and how they interact with respect to threading and communication
  • Touches on the control and styling model
  • Discusses the mantra of “lookless” controls where the behavior of an element is completely separated from the visual design

Best part is they don’t even mention XAML until the very end where they drive home the point that XAML is just another programming model and is not at the core of Avalon.

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