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Buying Team System Made Impossible

Holy hell, has anyone else tried to purchase Team System or even get information about purchasing Team System from Microsoft? It’s ridiculous. People don’t even know about transitioning your MSDN Universal subscription. That’s all I wanted to do to start is transition to MSDN + Team Suite (where ya pay a little more money, but save overall). Three diff. people I talked to didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. We’re in the Empower program, but even they couldn’t help. You’d almost think they don’t want us to be able to buy this stuff. :

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  1. I have to write a quick comment about this post – we’re encountering the same problem here at a public utility. We want to get TFS up and running to see if it can address some of our SOX processes, but can’t even get a price from our MS Rep.

    The funny thing is while I was reading this post, I was handed a DHL envelope containing a copy of TFS Release Candidate and three blank sheets of paper. I cracked up and had to leave the room.