Getting a distinct list of changed files from TFS using PowerShell

If you’re like me and need to do code-reviews of other people’s stuff or maybe you just want to see everything that’s changed during a certain period of a project, then here’s a nice PowerShell tip for you. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Team Foundation Powertools. Starting with the October […]

Can’t wait for VSTE for DB Pros!

Run, don’t walk, over to Channel9 and check out this awesome demonstration of all the capabilities of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. Then click here to download the latest CTP which was released last week. While database projects weren’t amazing in VS2003, I was extremely frustrated that they absolutely crippled the feature in VS2005. […]

Team Build: Get only changesets and work items related to a subfolder in a project

There are a couple ways to approach structuring your Team Projects depending on what you want to accomplish (see the answer to the “Should I create a team project per application or per release?” in the FAQ). Consider the per application scenario, where you have a single Team Project with multiple trunks per-version: $/My Project    |- […]