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A word on MSH (Monad)

As you can probably tell by my last post, I spent some time learning MSH (formerly Monad) this weekend and am super pysched to use it as part of my every day problem solving. I picked up the Monad book by O’Reilly and and it was a really great jump start on learning the basics. Most amazing however is, once you learn the basics, everything else really does just come together because of the consistency that is encouraged within the environment. The true power of the environment comes from it’s ties to .NET of course since you can manipulate any .NET class and, by way of COM interop in the CLR, any COM object with the command line.

If you have some spare cycles to burn, I highly recommend checking it out, it can seriously change the way you think about accomplishing some every day development tasks, not to mention the power to automate those pesky, repetitive tasks.

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