Monad (MSH) Design Decisions

Check out this response from Monad Architect Jeffrey Snover to some constructive criticism from the community. In it he justifies some of the design decisions that were made. He really tries to drive home the point that Monad is primarily a shell language and secondarily a scripting language. He also mentions that there will be a new drop coming […]

Peter Provost in love with MSH too

Peter just posted a nice little MSH script for listing out csproj files and their guids. Feeling inspired, here’s one I wrote that helps me find all projects that reference another project: get-childitem -Include *.csproj -Recurse | where-object { ([xml](get-content $_)).SelectSingleNode(‘//*[local-name() = “ProjectReference”]/*[local-name() = “Name” and text() = “<your project name here>”]’) -ne $null } […]

TFSC MSH Provider Implementation

Wow, ask and ye shall receive! James Manning has released an initial implentation of an MSH provider for TFSC. Make sure to check out the MSH Community Workspace, where he contributed the source, too! Update: James contacted me to let me know about two things: I had a little typo in the title (“TSFC” instead of “TFSC”) which I’ve fixed I […]

How to perform UI automation of browser apps with MSH (WATIR without the Ruby)

For anyone who’s familiar with WATIR, check out this simple MSH script I whipped up: # Create an instance of IE$ie = new-object -ComObject “InternetExplorer.Application” # Navigate to MSN search$ie.Navigate(“”) # Make IE visible$ie.Visible = $true # Grab the DOM document instance$document = $ie.Document # !! See note at end of post !! # Get […]