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Changes to App.config in Team Test Projects will not be reflected without recompile

Here’s a heads up for anyone else out there working with Team Test Projects:

If you use an App.config in a Team Test Project and you make changes to it and then try to run the test again from the Test View the project will not redeploy the .config file to the bin directory with the test assembly. You must explicitly rebuild the test project to cause this to happen.

I spent about five minutes scratching my head on this one, so hopefully this will spare at least one other person out there from wasting anymore than that on it. 😉

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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too a couple of weeks ago. Drove me nuts until I figured out a recompile gets the .config file updated.

    Also, if you reference any assemblies from network drives, be careful. I’ve noticed that we ran into security issues because the test host didn’t trust that location. Adding a code group fixed that, but that felt kind of stupid.