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Can’t instrument project targets for ASP.NET performance session?

I just posted this question to the forums, but I figured I’d post here as well in case anybody subscribers out there know the answer and also for future edification:

I create a new ASP.NET performance session and point it at my web application directory (i.e. not using IIS). Now, I can sucessfully get performance data for the web site itself, but I cannot seem to get performance data for any other project assemblies I’ve configured for instrumentation.

At first I noticed that it was instrumenting the project assemblies in their respective project bin directory as opposed to my web site’s bin directory. Then I tried using target binaries and selected my assemblies directly from the web site’s bin dir, but that didn’t help either (and also doesn’t seem like the right thing to do).

I certainly hope it’s possible to instrument and profile other assemblies in an ASP.NET based session. :

Stay tuned for an update, hopefully I get an answer pretty soon. Profiling your unit tests is one thing, but when I actually get to profile the application and it’s usage patterns, as played out by some recorded web tests, I should get a lot better picture of where my problem spots are.

Update 4/15:

So I got a response to my post and the good news is this is possible with the lower level profiling tools it’s just not something supported by the IDE today. Here’s the link that was given to me which includes all the details on how to setup such a performance session. Happy profiling!

Update 4/18:

Make sure to read the latest details on the thread. It just seems like Web Application Projects aren’t directly supported for instrumentation.

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