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VSS -> TFVC Conversion Completed

So Mimeo has officially made the shift to VS 2005/.NET 2.0 this weekend. Part of that was cutting over to Team Foundation Server completely. We’ve been using TFS for about a month now with great success, but we’ve only been using the Work Item Tracking features thus far. This weekend, I finally migrated our Visual Source Safe Database over to Team Foundation Version Control. It’s quite simple and well documented here on MSDN. However, I did encounter one error during my experimentation phase:

Unable to write to SQL Server: .SQLEXPRESS due to Error: The size (4969) given to the parameter ‘Mappings’ exceeds the maximum allowed (4000).

Luckily I found a work around. You can read about my experience in this post in the VSTF TFVC Forum. Hopefully it saves someone else some head scratching.

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