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How should Cider define the names of WPF controls? You decide!

Head over to this post to get an understanding of the control naming issue at hand and then leave comments on how you’d like to see it done. I voted for no names by default, auto-naming if none-exists but one is needed (i.e. event handler generation) and suggested they put the name as the very first thing in the smart tag panel for all WPF controls.

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  1. I am not sure how much work it would be, but since we are talking about the Orcas version VS, could you do an in-line prompt similar to the way word acts when you paste text in that would allow us to rename it on the spot (and, thereby, the function name)? You wouldn’t need to worry about poor refactoring of events, since it is obvious you are only dealing with the function just created. Additionally, you get all of the other benefits without the problem of a modal dialog box.Having this in-line tool might be useful for other areas of code editing as well. There are those times when I wish visual studio would ask me before it does something, but more often, I know the reason it doesn’t do something automatically is that it can’t be sure what you are doing. Having the in-line dialog ability could then give visual studio the option of giving you a selection of auto-complete items.Just a thought, and there are probably better ideas out there, but this is a wish list, right?Of the three options, though, I would prefer the modal dialog. I hate spending the extra time to remove nonsense that a designer puts in just to optimize my code (and, a lot of developers won’t do it at all). Secondly, the modal dialog is not too bad. Just click OK or hit enter if you want to accept the default nameSo, in summary, my vote is for Name Nothing And Prompt, but if we could avoid the modal dialog, it would be preferred.