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My biggest Vista gripes so far

  • Startup time still too slow. OSX puts Vista to shame here.
  • Hibernate shutdown and resume time wayyyyy too slow. Both, OSX and XP put Vista to shame here which is interesting considering this was supposed to be a much improved feature of Vista.
  • In my dual monitor configuration, Vista gets confused which is my primary monitor when I disconnect and take my laptop home and then come back into work. It seems to think my external monitor is the primary monitor all of a sudden. And by that I mean it actually thinks the external monitor is the hardware of the primary monitor and vice versa. (I gotta file this as a bug…)
  • Explorer performance when deleting files is just completely f’d. I don’t know what it is, but if I go to delete files from my Temp directory it will claim it will take hours for data as small as 21 megs… and then it will literally take an hour with all kinds of prompts about making sure I really want to do it. (Gotta file bug…)
  • Explorer performance when working with compressed folders (zip files) is also f’d. Aside from the fact that it just takes for ever to decompress, they always unzip to your Temp dir first which could be a completely diff. physical device which means that it needs to be unzipped there first, then copied over to where you really want it. Not a good implementation at all. Just put the files where I want them in the first place. (Gotta file bug…)

I hope some of these have been improved in the latest build, but I just don’t have time to upgrade right now.

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  1. Drew-I don’t know the story for #1 or #2. Will check.#3 – yes, need a bug.#4 – yes, need a bug.#5 – the perf known issue with RC1. I’ve got to go track down the bug to see if it has been fixed yet.Thanks, Rob

  2. #1, #2- I fired off a mail to somebody who would know if we’ve made progress since the RC1 build.#3 – likely this is specific to your machine/drivers. Please file a bug now, or email me the details and I’ll file the bug: Rob.Relyea at Microsoft dot com.#4 – I will file a bug on this one.

  3. Rob,Thanks, I’ll be sure to file the bug for #3. I hope that startup time and hibernation times will improve, it’s definitely something that should get better as each individual area of the system improves it moves towards RTM.Later,Drew

  4. The people in charge of issues #1 and #2 would like you to install a tool on your machine and then send them the log. Please email me (Rob.Relyea at microsoft) so I can get you folks talking. Thanks, Rob