Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta Now Available

Somasegar broke the news this morning and provides some details of what to expect from the service packs. Jump on over to his blog to read about it and then click here to start downloading. Also note that if you’re using Expression Blend 2.5 preview, there’s an update to that which makes it work with […]

New WPF effects demo’d @ Mix, but no reveal of the API

Well they demo’d the new WPF effects at the Mix keynote, but they didn’t show off any code. Guess that makes sense since it’s the keynote, but I’m really itching to find out how they were implemented. Anyone know where I can find some sample code??? Maybe I just need to wait for one of […]

A preview of Silverlight 2… it really is “WPF/E” now

ScottGu has unleashed a set of posts (main post here) that shows off some of the new features of Silverlight 2. Looking at the samples, it’s safe to say Microsoft heard us loud and clear when we said that Silverlight really needs to reach a better feature parity with WPF if it hopes to embed […]

IE8 Officially Announced, VPCs ready for download within 24hrs?

Wow, Microsoft is really on a roll here these past couple weeks. First, IE8 is officially announced here on the IE Blog and then PeteL, a member of the IE team, announced he’s already uploaded the VPCs and is just waiting for them to propagate to all of Microsoft’s content servers. So, I guess we […]

Channel9 PLINQ Video

Hot on the heels of the release of the Parallel Extensions (aka PFX) yesterday, Channel9 has posted a video where Anders Hejlsberg and Joe Duffy answer some of the whys and hows. Definitely worth checking out. Also, check out this screencast (also on Channel9) where Daniel Moth shows PLINQ in action and discusses some features […]