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ScobleShow visits Printing for Less

One of Robert’s first show’s is a visit to Printing for Less. First off, kudos to Robert for such a great show. I love the loose format and Robert asks great questions both from the perspective of a geek as well as the average end user. 

Next, it’s really cool to see this industry finally get some coverage. I would take issue with some of Andrew’s claims (biggest in the industry, rest of industry flat, 1bil impressions on hardware from 1976, etc.), but in all it was really cool to see how someone else is solving the same kinds of problems as Mimeo does.

I emailed Robert when he originally mentioned he would be doing a piece on Print for Less and invited him to come check out Mimeo. It would be an amazing contrast in terms of the both the type of printing the PFL does vs. what Mimeo does as well as the technology used compared to what we do. It would seem that Mimeo solves a lot more of the printing problems with technology than PFL does. At the same time we have a stellar customer care team that is available 24×7 to answer questions and solve any problems that may arise.

Anyway, the invitation is still open Robert. I’d love to give you a tour of our NY office, where most of the development team lives as well as the majority of sales people, as well as our Memphis office/production facility where all real work is done. We don’t have solar lighting or a dog policy (though there’s nothing that says you couldn’t bring your dog in), but I still think it will make a great story and I know everyone here would be proud/eager to tell it.

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