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ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 Released

Well, if you’ve been playing with Atlas, you probably want to run right out and download this latest release. It incorporates a lot of changes which Scott Guthrie covers over here.

As someone who’s had access to the latest bits for a while now, I’ve been aware of the changes they were going to make, but now I can finally talk about them publicly a bit. I’m somewhat dissapointed that certain features (xml-script, client-side databinding, etc.) did not make it into the “Core” package, but Microsoft has made a great decision to release these as part of the “Value-Add” CTP. While will fully support everything in “Core”, you’re on your own with the “Value-Add”. Personally, I’m fine with that. It’s way better than taking it away and sitting on the technology internally. Also I think it’s great that the “Toolkit” package is really controlled by the community.

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