ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 Released, Includes “Disposable Objects” Performance Fix!

Good news, ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 5 is here! Better yet, Microsoft has overhauled the implementation of tracking disposable objects to include the performance enhancement that was discussed in my “ASP.NET AJAX ‘Disposable Objects’ Performance Heads Up” posts (Part I & II). So how’d they do it? They tag each disposable object with an integer […]

ASP.NET AJAX “Disposable Objects” Performance Heads Up

Update: Make sure you read Part II as there was ultimately a fundamental flaw in this implementation which prevents it from working as I originally thought. One of the important features of the ASP.NET AJAX client side framework is the concept of disposing of components/controls so that they unregister event handlers and release DOM element […]

IE JavaScript Debugging near useless when try/[catch|finally] is used

As far as I can tell, IE JavaScript debuggers, such as Visual Studio or the new IE8 Developer Tool, have no ability to catch “first chance” JavaScript errors. Honestly, if I had to guess, this is probably because of some limitations of the JavaScript engine implementation more than the tools. Whatever the reason though, you […]

JIT’d JavaScript is all the rage and Microsoft dropped the ball again

There’s a lot of buzz lately about browsers finally getting JIT’d JavaScript. First it was SquirrelFish in WebKit, then FireFox let the cat out of the bag about their implementation called TraceMonkey  and then Google came out with V8 when they unleashed Chrome on the world. Kudos to all of those teams for pushing performance […]

Velocity Cache API needs TryGetValue

Ok, I’ve just started working with Microsoft’s Distributed Caching API (aka “Velocity”) and while I’m very happy with the features thus far (can’t wait for notifications!), I really think the API needs a TryGetValue method. Right now you have the Get, GetAndLock and GetIfNewer methods and all of those return type Object. My suggestion is […]

ScriptReferences to ScriptResource.axd for GAC’d assemblies are problematic in server farms

Ok, I just discovered a nasty little problem with ScriptReferences to script files that are embedded in assemblies that are installed in the GAC… starting with System.Web.Extensions itself. First, in case you’re not already familiar with this subject, the way scripts are referenced when they are embedded into assemblies is by building a URL to […]