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C|Net News Covers

C|Net news has some coverage of that you can check out here. This year has been a phenomenal one for us. We’ve grown so much more than we ever have in the past. Our development team alone has a little more than doubled in size. In addition to launching our .NET code-base at the beginning of the year, we’ve also delivered over sixty projects varying in the forms of monthly enhancements to major feature upgrades. We are also finally are beginning to hit our stride in the marketing department where we are currently launching several campaigns. One of our first videos, which I believe is for our kiosk that we put up at conferences, was uploaded to YouTube the other day.

There is one slight correction I need to make to the article though. In the fourth paragraph where it says:

Printers and photocopiers in Mimeo’s Memphis operation then print the document…

We do not under any circumstances ever use a photocopier. Every single page of your documents are a digital original that comes straight off one of our printers.

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