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WPF/E no more, say hello to Silverlight

Well, you’ve probably read this some place else already, but I’m jumping on the bandwaggon since I think it’s a huge announcement. The technology formerly known as WPF/E is now officially called Silverlight. You can read all about it over here. I think this is a huge step for Microsoft… and one that’s going in the right direction.

Perhaps most interesting is that it seems, this post hints at something that has yet to be announced, something I think this post might have already let slip, which is that the .NET runtime may very well come to the Mac in full force (i.e. a complete CLR and framework). That would be supremely awesome. In the past it’s only been a “partial” platform with enough of the CLR and framework classes to support WPF/E itself. I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. The graphics engine WPF/E is purely unmanaged code. AFAIK, it shares no code with WPF – so it doesn’t need the .Net framework. It is a C++ based XAML rendering library.