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No JavaScript IntelliSense in Orcas Web *Application* Projects yet?

I can’t get references to work in Web Application Projects in Orcas. They seem to work fine under a regular Web Site Project though. Bug? I sure hope so…

To check this out for yourself, create a Web Site and Web Application Project. Make sure you manually add a reference to System.Web.Extensions for the WAP version, ’cause unlike WSP they don’t include the reference by default yet (also a bug IMHO). Next, put a Test.js file in both flavors of projects containing just this:

/// <reference name=”MicrosoftAjax.debug.js”/>

Then, go to the next line and type “$g”. If it doesn’t auto-complete and give you “$get” in the completion list, it’s not working. Like I said, for me, it seems to work in WSPs, but not WAPs. *shrug*

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  1. There’s a known bug in Beta 1 where JS-to-Assembly references are not working. So what’s you’re seeing has been fixed since Beta 1.Regarding the templates, the only difference I see between the two “JScript File” templates is the regular comment that says “JScript File” at the top. Neither have a reference built in. However, the “AJAX Client Library” for both WSP and WAP have a reference built in. In Beta 2, we will have a neat new feature where you can drag and drop files into the editor to automatically create references.Hope this helps!

  2. Jeff,Thanks for the heads up. I can’t seem to get JS to JS references to work in WAP either though. : I’m just glad to hear you guys are aware of the problem and are working on it. As for the file template, I actually wasn’t talking about that. All I meant was that if I create a new WAP project, there is no assembly reference to System.Web.Extensions by default.Thanks again,Drew