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Maybe I should have gone to Mix?

Sounds like it might have been a mistake to blow Mix off this year. Last year’s just didn’t seem all that compelling, but this year with Microsoft offering so many new web technologies I’m beginning to think I’m missing out.

Well, guess I’ll just keep an eye on the Mix07 site. You can even watch the keynote live (starts @ 9:30 PT).

For now, back to working with the AJAX futures. We’re building a really cool new project here using those bits. They’re pretty solid considering they’re only a CTP. I was sooo bummed when they cut these features (binding, xml-script, animation, etc.) from the RTM build. Speaking of which… I wonder if they’ll release a new drop during a new conference??? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. I’d settle for just some news about the plans for the futures stuff. I haven’t heard a peep about it in months.

  2. Kevin,I hear ya. I’ve even written the guys at MS and they haven’t gotten back to me. Kinda sucks ’cause to me the feature set in the futures is immensely powerful.Later,Drew

  3. you totally should have. silverlight and the dlr are way cool. maybe this is your ticket for introducing xaml to mimeo?