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Silverlight to include “First Class” .NET Runtime

There it is. As I suspected, Ray Ozzie just anounced they are pushing out a “first class” .NET runtime environment with Silverlight that will allow you to develop using any .NET languages!!!!

I’m waiting to hear details on what exactly “first class” means… will there be full BCL support for example?

Update 1:53 EST:
Wow. It’s a full blown, high performance implementation of the CLR… it even supports new 3.5 language features such as LINQ!!! It supports a “subset” of the BCL, not sure what the specifics are on that yet. They also announced something like HTML DOM integration and a special networking stack. More on that ASAP.

Update 1:57 EST:
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can remote debug the Silverlight application running on the Mac from your PC using Visual Studio!!!!!!!

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