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ASP.NET AJAX Futures May ’07 CTP Documentation

So they put up the documentation for the May ’07 CTP of ASP.NET AJAX futures.

Here’s the client reference. Hey, great, they added support for querying by CSS selectors and integrated history features into the Application class, but mainly the documentation is about dynamic languages and Silverlight now. Do you see any documentation for XML-Script? Bindings? Any of the Sys.Preview.UI namespace? Nope.

What gives? Someone from MS needs to speak up.

Update 6/4:

A┬ácomment by Stephane (thanks Stephane!) reveals that the documentation for the “previous” features of the ASP.NET AJAX futures is in fact available albeit slightly hard to find. Click here and then expand the “Previous Topics” link. It looks like they just really wanted to push that new stuff, so they burried the “old” stuff under it’s own weirdly named section. At least it’s there…

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