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Vista + Visual Studio 2005 + Remote Desktop == teh suck

Alright, maybe my VPN is slow, but I don’t think that’s the real problem here. It looks to me like Visual Studio repaints everything like 600 times when using it through remote desktop on Vista. I don’t know why the performance is so bad, but I’m literally seeing like one keystroke taking a second or more to appear in text editor because it re-renders the whole viewport. Heck, just taking focus away and giving it back to Visual Studio causes every part of the IDE refresh/redraw with the same lag. Meanwhile if I open Notepad, Word or pretty much any other app I normally do text work in it responds great.

Anyone else experience the same thing??? Oh and, yes, I’m running SP1 for Vista.

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  1. Yep, I use Aero. What video card do you have? Are you up to date on drivers? Using any XP compat flags?

  2. Well, on the machine I’m connecing to it’s an nVidia GeForce Go 6800 Ultra (laptop card). I have the latest drivers, I always get them from whenever they come out. I’ve tried release versions too, but the same problem happens.On my desktop which is acting as the RD client machine I’ve got the GeForce 8800 with the same situation of drivers. I get great performance on the machine and in all other apps over RD. It’s just VS 2005 that stinks. Sucks… :(Later,Drew

  3. My knee jerk reaction is to blame nVidia, based on the stuff I’ve read about the general suck-assed-ness of the drivers. ;)Here’s another thought – are you running any unusual Visual Studio add-ins? Something that might be trigger strange repaints?

  4. No add-ons. Could be the drivers, but it seems strange that everything else works fine except studio. Not to mention running studio locally on both machines never seems to exhibit the problem. :(The truth is I can just work locally since I can grab the project from TFS, but sometimes I leave things up at work and sometimes I just want to jump right back to where I was. I should see if it still happens with Orcas and then maybe file a bug for that. Unlikely it will be fixed at this point though. :(Cheers,Drew