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IE8 Officially Announced, VPCs ready for download within 24hrs?

Wow, Microsoft is really on a roll here these past couple weeks. First, IE8 is officially announced here on the IE Blog and then PeteL, a member of the IE team, announced he’s already uploaded the VPCs and is just waiting for them to propagate to all of Microsoft’s content servers. So, I guess we should expect to have a shiny new toy to play with starting some time tomorrow.

Please, for the web’s sake, let alone Microsoft’s poor IE team who is taking a public flogging, let this version put an end to all the missing standards. I don’t care so much about proprietary things like supporting Canvas, because that can be provided through an abstraction to the VML engine or Silverlight or Flash, but please let this be the version that finally brings the DOM and CSS support up to spec and provides a better performing ECMAScript engine.

Fingers crossed, but I refuse to hold my breath. 🙂

It’s possible this is a false alarm. Joe pointed out to me in the comments that PeteL was probably talking about IE6/7 VPCs in the same post that he mentioned IE8. Without having read his previous post I had no context to figure that out and he wasn’t exactly very clear in his context switch. My apologies in advance if I got anyone’s hopes up too soon if it turns out to not be IE8. 🙁

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  1. Put in context of the other posts tagged with ie6vpc, I think he means the new version of IE with the ‘click to activate’ removed – not ie8 vpcs.

  2. Hmmm, maybe you’re right, but sheesh what a weird combining of topics without a clear context switch. :I’ll put a note in my post that it might be a false alarm.Cheers,Drew

  3. From what I read of Bill gates comments about IE 8, there are not going to be that much effort put into making IE 8 CSS2 compliant. It will be somewhat better than IE 7, but will still be behind Firefox and a few other browsers by years yet.Ron