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A preview of Silverlight 2… it really is “WPF/E” now

ScottGu has unleashed a set of posts (main post here) that shows off some of the new features of Silverlight 2. Looking at the samples, it’s safe to say Microsoft heard us loud and clear when we said that Silverlight really needs to reach a better feature parity with WPF if it hopes to embed itself as a viable rich client platform for the web. Silverlight now offers the same layout model, data binding model, and styling and templating model.

With these features in place, I finally think the code-name of WPF/Everywhere is now a valid representation of the product. Kudos to the team for all their hard work. Can’t wait to get the bits… the only question now is: how big has the download become? 🙂

Update on download size:
Oops, I missed that Scott mentions the size of the download right in the post…

The Beta1 release of Silverlight 2 is 4.3MB in size, and takes 4-10 seconds to install on a machine that doesn’t already have it.

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