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New WPF effects demo’d @ Mix, but no reveal of the API

Well they demo’d the new WPF effects at the Mix keynote, but they didn’t show off any code. Guess that makes sense since it’s the keynote, but I’m really itching to find out how they were implemented. Anyone know where I can find some sample code??? Maybe I just need to wait for one of the Mix sessions to be posted up.

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  1. The programmable shaders demo was really what got me excited. I am also on the edge of my seat for a look at the API.Also, I’m VERY interested in seeing the high-performance WritableBitmap. Finally we should be able to implement our own custom video/raster solutions.I think MS really had many strong demos…all the things together, I think they really are about to leap-frog the competing platforms (Adobe, Apple) in the UX space.-Jer