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VS2010/.NET4 Coming March 22nd

In case you haven’t heard, VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 are officially scheduled for release on March 22nd. If you’re into playing with Betas (I know I am) and have an MSDN subscription you can go download it now. Those of you without subscriptions will need to wait about a week or so.

What I like most about this version of VS2010 is that someone at Microsoft finally wised up and realized that selling a gazillion different flavors wasn’t working and just confused/angered everyone. So now they’ve got just three:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN. The comprehensive suite of application life-cycle management tools for software teams to help ensure quality results from design to deployment
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN. A complete toolset to help developers deliver scalable, high-quality applications
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN. The essential tool for basic development tasks to assist developers in implementing their ideas easily

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