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TFSC MSH Provider Implementation

Wow, ask and ye shall receive! James Manning has released an initial implentation of an MSH provider for TFSC. Make sure to check out the MSH Community Workspace, where he contributed the source, too!

James contacted me to let me know about two things:

  1. I had a little typo in the title (“TSFC” instead of “TFSC”) which I’ve fixed
  2. I should probably be calling it TFVC from now on… Team Foundation Version Control vs. Team Foundation Source Control.

Thanks James!

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  1. FWIW, since you had also asked for a TFWIT provider, it’s on the list, but when I first talked with JPricket about it, we couldn’t decide for sure what the hierarchy should look like – there are some benefits to a flat path of numbers, hierarchy by area path, hierarchy by iteration path, etc.

    We had somewhat thought about just going ahead with merging those together into the TFWIT provider and then the consumer can use whatever they want, but the perf wouldn’t be great, so it’s semi-shelved right now.

    However, with the TFVC provider as a base, I’m certainly hoping someone that has a strong preference of what the TFWIT tree should look like will write their own provider and add it to that MSH CX workspace 🙂

  2. James,

    I’ll post some ideas about how I would envision the TFWIT provider working to the forums of the community project when I get a chance.