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Collection property serialization with DataContractSerializer takes us a step backwards?

Since I have to define my fault details with DataContractSerializer attributes for now (I hope it’s only for now anyway), I was looking at how to translate a property that was previously serialized by the XmlSerializer using XmlArrayAttribute and XmlArrayItemAttribute. Well, I figured out pretty quick there was no equivalent, found CollectionDataContractAttribute, but thought “noooo, this can’t be the only way… can it?”. Unfortunately a quick search revealed this post by Christian Weyer that confirmed my fears. Why oh why do I have to go writing a whole new collection class now just to decorate it with attributes when I could decorate the member itself?

Argh… there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an API try to re-invent the wheel and end up with something that is worse off than what we have today. 🙁

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to think data contracts are on the “sucky” side of an otherwise excellent platform.Yes, pretty much everything about the DataContractSerializer feels like a step backwards from good ol’ trusty XmlSerializer to me…