Mimeo looking for a Web Services freak of nature

Alright, I’m reaching out via my blog for anyone in the NYC area who has strong experience writing web services and wants to join an awesome team, using awesome, bleeding edge technology to develop an enterprise level API for Mimeo. Skills required: At least 5 years programming with C# and .NET Must understand .NET 2.0 […]

System.ServiceModel.Web: be aware of differences in element names when using BodyStyle Bare vs. Wrapped

I’ve been doing a lot of digging around System.ServiceModel.Web lately and have come across a subtle difference in the way the XML is produced for POX endpoints when switching between BodyStyle.Bare and BodyStyle.Wrapped[Response]. The quick and dirty explanation, if you’re using Bare and you return a DataContract with Name=”Foo”, the name of root element returned […]

System.ServiceModel.Web limitations

I have been playing with this System.ServiceModel.Web for about a week now trying to get real world prototypes together and, in addition to having a hard time understanding some of their design choices with regards to how/where they plug into WCF, I have come across at least two major limitations. I’ll start with brief descriptions […]

Vote on ASP.NET AJAX Web Service Exception Handling Bug

I’ve reported a bug over on connect with the full details, but basically what it boils down to is that there’s no way to raise exception detail from ScriptMethods when ASP.NET custom error handling is enabled. What happens is that the RestHandler for ScriptMethods detects the custom error handling is enabled and literally throws out […]

Collection properties need a setter implementation when using DataContractSerializer

I was having a problem with serializing a FaultException that had a custom details class that was a collection. Today I figured out that, when using the DataContractSerializer, you need to make sure you provide a setter implementation even for your collection based properties. Once again, this is a departure from the way that the […]

I’ve hit a snag with TransportWithMessageCredential over plain HTTP

So a couple days ago I posted an entry about how to implement a custom transport that allows you to send message credentials over plain old HTTP. Unfortunately when I rolled this into the test environment where I had all the “real” infrastructure in place I ran into a new problem. It appears that the […]

Collection property serialization with DataContractSerializer takes us a step backwards?

Since I have to define my fault details with DataContractSerializer attributes for now (I hope it’s only for now anyway), I was looking at how to translate a property that was previously serialized by the XmlSerializer using XmlArrayAttribute and XmlArrayItemAttribute. Well, I figured out pretty quick there was no equivalent, found CollectionDataContractAttribute, but thought “noooo, […]