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I Have Arrived @ PDC ’05

Currently blogging from my little hotel room desk at the Wilshire Grand. I’m in room 446, my cell is 973.699.0532. Feel free to give me a buzz if you’d like to chat or grab some grub.

One thing I will say is that there is already a larger female presence here at this PDC than I’ve ever seen at any previous PDC. Unfortunately, just as I was reflecting on and being impressed by that, I was sadly reminded as to why there aren’t more women in this business by some childish, chauvinistic guys cracking the usual slew of jokes on my bus ride back to the hotel from the conference center. *sigh*

Oh well, time to figure out what breakout sessions I’ll be attending. It’s really tough to choose. I’d love to go all WPF because that’s my hobby technology, but the truth is that would be wasting my time here since I’m already ahead of the game on that. I’m really looking forward to the two Atlas sessions as well as the VS.NET tools sessions. Obviously Anders’ C# 3.0 session can’t be missed. Ahh technology… ain’t it fun? Still can’t believe I get paid to work with this stuff for a living. 😉

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