I’m going to AWWDC

What… you don’t know what AWWDC is? Well, make sure you’re sitting down because this may come as a shock. It’s the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. *insert record scratching/squealing¬†tires sound here* Seeing as how I’m like Mr. Microsoft when it comes to software the most common reaction to this is probably “Woahhhhhhhhhhh, what the…?!?” Well… […]

WPF MSDN Browser

Inspired by Craig’s MSDNMan, Ian has created an MSDN browser with WPF. If, like me, you read a ton of MSDN content every day, both of these tools are extreeeemely welcome additions to browsing the online content or using the installed version of the content.

WPF Performance Q&A

Here’s a really great post from Tim Cahill “WPF Performance Guy”.¬†It’s Q&A style with some answers to some of the more common questions about, what else, WPF performance. Definitely worth a read if you are (or are going¬†to be)¬†working on graphics intensive WPF apps.

ADO.NET Entities

I mentioned ADO.NET v3 a little while back, but all the info that leaked out was pulled. Now there’s a¬†video up on Channel9 with Anders Hejlsberg and Sam Druker on the entity features that are coming with the next version of ADO.NET. The driving technology for all of this is of course LINQ. Exciting times […]

Designer Developer Workflow with WPF

Here’s a great Channel9 screencast¬†that just came out demo’ing how the¬†typical interaction between developer and designer will work with Visual Studio and Expression Interactive Designer. One thing about EID that I love which is demo’d here is the fact that control behavior is live in EID.¬†That is, any behavior you’ve built into¬†your controls will function, […]

Silent Breaking-Change to FormsAuthentication::RedirectFromLoginPage

Heads up on a silent breaking change that I just came across with FormsAuthentication’s RedirectFromLoginPage method¬†when migrating from ASP.NET¬†1.1 to 2.0. The exact message you get will be (with top of callstack): System.Web.HttpException: The return URL specified for request redirection is invalid.¬† at System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.GetReturnUrl(Boolean useDefaultIfAbsent)¬† at System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(String userName, Boolean createPersistentCookie, String strCookiePath)¬† at System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(String userName, […]